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Metroid Dread Runs at 900p/60 FPS In Docked Mode and 720p/60 FPS In Portable Mode

Metroid Dread is available today for the Nintendo Switch. It is one of the most impressive games on the Switch, so how well does it run?

The resolution and frame rate of Metroid Dread have been revealed courtesy of Digital Foundry. In their technical analysis, they go in-depth over the various aspects of the game. It offers fluid animation, fast-paced gameplay, and short load times making it one of the most technically impressive games on the Nintendo Switch.

So what about the resolution, while the Docked mode which allows you to play the game on a big screen doesn’t quite manage to run at native 1080p, it is just a notch below that at 900p. The game still looks quite good despite this resolution and visual blemishes are hard to notice no matter what screen you play it on.

In the case of a Portable mode, you get native 720p resolution at 60 FPS. This makes it a good showcase for the Nintendo Switch OLED which launched with the console.

So what about the performance. According to the analysis done by Digital Foundry, it is practically flawless 60 FPS. The only rare occasion when the frame rate did drop was during segments where there might be some object streaming happening in the background. It doesn’t drop frames at all in other instances though, so there’s that.

metroid dread

In other news, if you own a decent PC, you might be able to emulate Metroid Dread at 4K resolution, but obviously, this is not how the developers intended for the game to be played. It is best if you experience it on the Nintendo Switch itself without any of the tinkering needed to run it on a PC.

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