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Metroid Dread Is Playable In 4K On PC Through Nintendo Switch Emulator

Metroid Dread has launched just yesterday but the Nintendo Switch emulator, Yuzu, has already made the game playable at 4K resolution on a PC.

Metroid Dread is the first game in the series to release in more than a decade. While the Nintendo Switch users will have to be content with whatever resolution and frame rate they can achieve on their console, this is not the case for the PC emulated version.


On the Yuzu emulator, the game can run at 4K with an unlocked frame rate, meaning it can go higher than 60 FPS. Check out some footage of the game taken from YouTube showing it running at 4K resolution on a PC.

We don’t advocate emulating the game on PC. To get the best authentic experience, the original hardware is always the best way to go. Although, if you are one of the folks who prefer higher resolution and frame rates for their games and don’t mind the tinkering needed to get these games to run on a PC, you can opt for it.

Metroid Dread launch along with the Nintendo Switch OLED. This is a new model offering a glass-based OLED screen compared to the plastic-based LCD seen in the previous models. It also ships with a new dock that comes with an ethernet input and slight design changes.

Salal Awan

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