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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Gets New Character Art

Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady Studios have shared a new set of character art for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League ahead of DC Fandome.

This character art gives a closer look at the four leads of the game: Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, King Shark, and Deadshot.

The character art was shared by the various devs at Rocksteady Studios on their Twitter accounts to hype the upcoming reveal of the game during the DC Fandome event.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is the first game from Rocksteady Studios since they released Batman Arkham Knight back in 2015. The poster of this game features Superman and the tagline mentions the Justice League, so fans are expecting to see more of their favorite superheroes in this upcoming new Rocksteady project.

Rocksteady Studios has previously worked on the critically-acclaimed Batman Arkham series but they only managed to release more games during the PS4 generation with Arkham Knight. They have been working on different projects since then with a lot of rumors and speculations on their next project until they officially announced Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League last year.

This is the second game in development at Warner Bros. Interactive along with Gotham Knights, which will be developed by Warner Bros. Montreal. Both of these are reportedly planned for 2022.

DC Fandome is currently planned for October 16 and will feature new information on Warner Bros. Entertainment projects including games, movies, and shows.

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