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Microsoft May Be Looking To Bring Disgaea and Ys To Xbox

Microsoft may be in talks with publisher NIS America games in order to bring Disgaea and Ys over to Xbox platforms in the near future, based on the latest rumor.

In episode 116 of the XboxEra podcast, Nick (also known as Shpeshal_Nick) mentioned that Microsoft is working with NIS America to bring some of their games, or perhaps a particular series, to Xbox consoles. He reminded his audience that he had revealed a similar rumor regarding the Persona series in the past.

Nick refrained from mentioning any games, however. He urged his followers to have patience, as it took a while for the Persona announcement to happen, and any official word from NIS regarding the possible appearance of Disgaea and/or Ys on Xbox will take some time.

For the ininitiated, Disgaea is a series of tactical role-playing video games created and developed by Nippon Ichi (NIS). Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, subsequently re-released as Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness and Disgaea DS, served as the series’ Japanese premiere on January 30, 2003. It is one of Nippon Ichi’s most well-known properties and has spawned both a manga and an anime series. The Disgaea games are renowned for their funny language, challenging gameplay, and extraordinarily high maximum stats. 5 million copies of the Disgaea series have been distributed as of 2021.

The player embarks on a variety of quests from a central hub in each Disgaea game. They must manage tools and team members, heal their party, and perform other micromanagement at the hub. When the player is ready, they can choose to go on to the next available mission or repeat any missions they have already finished. Typically, missions are broken up into several chapters with pre- and post-mission cutscenes to further the story. All missions can be finished by eliminating all of the enemy forces in turn-based battles. These missions take place on an isometric grid-based board with spaces at various heights.

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