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Microsoft Flight Simulator Console Version Shows On Game Pass, Rated For Xbox One As Well

Microsoft Flight Simulator has started to show up on the Game Pass App on Smartphones. It was also rated for the Xbox One in Brazil.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been rated for the Xbox One in Brazil in addition to the Xbox Series and PC. The game was also rated by ESRB but this was for the Xbox Series version only. It is possible that Microsoft has ditched the Xbox One version after initially having it in their plans but there is no official confirmation on it.

In addition to the Xbox One rating, the game is now appearing for consoles on the Game Pass App for Smartphones. This could suggest that this might be a shadow drop announcement at E3 2021 by Microsoft. They have a presentation scheduled for June 13 where they will make new announcements including for the Game Pass service.

When the game was first announced, it was coming to the Xbox One and Xbox Series. That was later dropped as the game was confirmed for the Xbox Series back in December last year. It is currently available on PC and can be played through an Xbox Game Pass PC subscription if you have it.

This is a flight simulation game that lets the player control various aircraft as they take them for a spin around the world. The catch is that the world map is mapped using a satellite to give the players a complete virtual Earth that they can explore in the game. New locations are added or updated with patches for the PC version of the game.

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