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Microsoft Flight Simulator On Xbox Series X Looks Closer To PC Ultra, Supports 120 FPS

Microsoft Flight Simulator is simply breathtaking on the Xbox Series X, and even on Xbox Series S. It also supports 120 FPS on these consoles.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now on the Xbox Series X and S. The game is playable through the Xbox Game Pass so you don’t really need to purchase it if you have an active subscription. A new technical analysis from Digital Foundry has compared the new console version to PC and shared their findings.

According to their analysis of the Xbox Series version, which they compared to the PC release, the game holds up remarkably well. They were surprised by the dedication of the developers to optimize and port the game. While the resolution has dropped to 1440p, the good news is that the game comes closer to the Ultra quality which is offered for the PC version.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily mean that all the graphical settings run on Ultra quality, but Digital Foundry reckoned that at least the draw distance appears to match the PC version at Ultra. As for the Xbox Series S version, it drops the resolution down to 1080p and also dials down some of the graphic settings.

microsoft flight simulator xbox series

How To Run Microsoft Flight Simulator at 120 FPS On Xbox Series

The surprise inclusion is of a variable refresh rate which makes the game run at 120 FPS, but obviously, it won’t be possible to hit this frame rate. While it can succeed in running at this frame rate, it can often go below 60 FPS and hovers between 80 to 120 FPS on the Xbox Series X.

If you want to give this performance mode a chance, you first need to be on a display that supports 120 Hz variable refresh rate. You will need to turn this option from the Xbox settings menu before playing the game with an unlocked frame rate.

Microsoft Flight Simulator was first released for the PC. It is now being followed by a port for the Xbox Series consoles.

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