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Microsoft Promoted Redfall With “60 FPS+” Capability On Xbox Store Until Recent Update

Microsoft had promoted Bethesda and Arkane Studios Austin’s Redfall with “60 fps+” capability on the Xbox Store up until the recent update about the console version being limited to 30 fps at launch.

A look at the archived state of the Xbox Store page for Redfall shows that the game had been marketed by Microsoft with “60 fps+” capability up until the recent update from developer Arkane Studios Austin about the frame rate being limited to 30 fps on Xbox Series X|S at launch. In the update, the studio mentioned that a 60 fps patch would arrive sometime after launch, although no concrete schedule has been given in this regard. Since then, the Xbox Store has been updated to reflect the lack of a 60 fps option in the console version.

Redfall 60 fps xbox store

As seen above, Redfall was promoted with the capability to deliver “60 fps+” on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Other capabilities that appears to have been removed are Variable Refresh Rate and keyboard and mouse support for the console versions. Removing the VRR tag makes sense, as the game will not be targeting a higher refresh rate at launch.

Previously, it was reported that Microsoft had canceled the PS5 version of Redfall after acquiring Bethesda in order to focus on the development of the Xbox and PC versions. Speaking during a recent Redfall preview session, the game’s creative director, Harvey Smith, stated that one notable consequence of Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda in 2021 was the immediate cancellation of the PS5 version, right in the middle of the game’s development. The creative director didn’t see this as a negative thing, however.

Smith stated that the decision made by Microsoft favored Arkane Studios Austin, as there was one less platform to worry about, which meant one less complexity for the development team. In spite of the reduced complexity, the studio is unable to deliver a 60 fps mode in the Xbox Series X|S version of Redfall at launch.

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