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Microsoft Reportedly Planning Starfield, Indiana Jones, and More Games For PS5

Microsoft appears to have shifted its focus from releasing exclusives to bringing its games catalog to PS5 and other platforms.

This is based on a new set of reports suggesting that Microsoft’s business strategy has shifted focus. The rumor started with games like Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves coming to other consoles. Sea of Thieves is a live-service game that has remained exclusive to PC and Xbox for a long time, so its release on rival platforms wasn’t a big shock to anyone. Hi-Fi Rush was a smaller-scale title that launched to critical acclaim, and it has already been datamined that it is getting Nintendo Switch and PS5 ports, which should be allegedly announced soon.

However, this is not the extent of Microsoft’s multiplatform release strategy based on a new set of rumors that originated from multiple sources.

The first and perhaps the most shocking rumor appears to be related to Xbox’s big first-party outing, Starfield from Bethesda Game Studios. It has been reported that this game will hit PS5 once the new expansion, Shattered Spaces, is released on PC and Xbox later this year. This is a big shift of focus for Xbox which initially acquired publishers like Bethesda and Activision to bring more first-party games to the Xbox and PC ecosystem. They also wanted to bolster their Xbox Game Pass subscription value with this move.

Another game that has been reported recently is Indiana Jones. Microsoft had just confirmed the name and shared gameplay of Indiana Jones in a new developer direct, and now reports are suggesting that they might be planning to launch it on the PS5 as well.

Previously, we had reported that Microsoft was planning to shift to a multiplatform release strategy. At that time, the list of games that were allegedly getting a port to rival platforms was smaller. The new report appears to make it seem like a bigger deal especially if we start seeing games like Halo coming to the PS5 as well.

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