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Persona 3 Reload Datamine Reveals Plans For Future DLC & Expansion Pass

A new datamine of Sega and Atlus’ role-playing game, Persona 3 Reload, has revealed plans for future DLC content as well as an expansion pass.

Twitter user ruinedstego has shared details from a new datamine of Persona 3 Reload files, revealing plans for future DLC content and an expansion pass. Based on the information shared, the game will receive 6 new pieces of DLC in future.

Persona 3 reload dlc expansion pass

Persona 3 Reload Expansion Pass Contents

The content of the Persona 3 Reload expansion pass can be seen below.

  • Exploration Item Set
  • P4G EX BGM Set
  • P5R EX BGM Set
  • Velvet Room Costume Set
  • Velvet Room BGM Set
  • Episode Aigis / The Answer
  • Episode Aigis BGM Set

The expansion pass will include story DLC in the form of Episode Aigis / The Answer. It also features BGM sets from Persona 4 Golden, Persona 5 Royal, Episode Aigis, and the Velvet Room. Additionally, there is an Exploration Item Set and a Velvet Room Costume Set.

The new battle BGM includes Revelations: Mitsuo (P4G), The Almighty (P4), Keeper of Lust (P5), Blooming Villain (P5), Electronica In Velvet Room (‘P4D’ ver.), Aria of the Soul – t.komine REMIX “AT 1st” P3D-EDIT ver., Battle Hymn of the Soul – Daisuke Asakura Remix, Battle Hymn of the Soul -Ultimax ver.-, Dance Hymn of the Soul (Disco In Velvet Room), as well as the ‘Period’ and ‘Victory’ themes from P4 and P5.

Meanwhile, the dungeon BGM includes Backside Of The TV, Game, Junes Theme, Heaven, Long Way, Life Will Change, Beneath the Mask, Kichijoji 199X, Gentle Madman, I believe, Snow Queen, Maya’s Theme, Persona, and Time Castle.

Previously, Twitter/X user MbKKssTBhz5, who is known for their leaks regarding Atlus titles, had shared that Persona 3 Reload will receive DLC containing The Answer in the future. As per the leaker, multiple DLC is planned for Persona 3 Reload, and it will release within the current fiscal year. They mentioned that the current DLC plan for the game is modeled around DLC for other Sega titles, such as Lost Judgment. This new datamine is in line with the information shared by the leaker.

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