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Minecraft Update 2.08 Patch Notes, How To Fix Loading Screen Bug

Minecraft has been updated to version 2.08 on PS4. This patch is releasing after the Nether update and implements a number of fixes.

Minecraft players on PS4 will need to update to version 2.08 in order to continue playing the game, however, some of them are also reporting issues after installing this update. Some of the issues are that are being reported include the game getting stuck at the loading screen.

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According to the official patch notes for Minecraft update 2.08, this update is to fix minor bugs. The changelog simply reads “Minor bug and crash fixes.” This patch is being released after the Nether update.

minecraft update 2.08 patch notes

Unfortunately, this also led to the loading screen bug that requires the player to completely re-install the game. If you are stuck with the game on the Mojang screen after installing the new update, there is a quick fix. Since Minecraft is not that large when it comes to the game’s file size, you can easily delete the whole game and re-install it again with all of the new updates.

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If the issue is not resolved, then you will have to wait for another update. You can also try to sign in with a different profile to see if this issue is related to the save file on PS4. It can usually trigger after such a minor update however, re-installing should take care of it.

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