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MOBA Predecessor Launches New 5 vs 5 PvP Brawl Mode

Omeda Studios has launched a brand new 5 vs 5 multiplayer mode called Brawl for its third-person MOBA game Predecessor.

The new Brawl mode for Predecessor puts players in a 5 vs 5 fight on a new single lane map, reducing the focus on tactics and planning. The game and its new mode are currently in Open Beta and free for everyone to play on PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, PlayStation5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Predecessor brawl mode

Brawl mode caters to players seeking fast-paced battles and a chaotic gameplay environment. Players start with 400 points and aim to reduce the opposing team’s points through takedowns, defense, and wave management. They can also defeat minions and monsters, with help from a destructive dinosaur called Might Fang Tooth.

For the uninitiated, Predecessor is based on Epic Games’ MOBA Paragon, which was discontinued in 2018. Robbie Singh, a leading content creator, founded Omeda Studios to develop Predecessor using assets from Paragon. As per Omeda Studios, the game has succeeded in amassing a large player base, and the development team is looking to retain and further build its community by introducing major updates in the coming months.

Predecessor offers unique gameplay, combining MOBA elements with third-person shooter mechanics to deliver a visceral experience that rewards teamwork and strategy. The game features several game modes, including the new fast-paced Brawl mode and a more traditional strategic mode. It offers a roster of over 30 unique Heroes, each with distinct abilities and play styles for players to choose from. The game has been developed in Unreal Engine 5, and it takes advantage of its features to deliver high-quality visuals on modern platforms. Furthermore, Predecessor has incorporated cross-play functionality, allowing friends to play together across all platforms. Players can also earn in-game content, including custom skins that available both through gameplay or via purchase using the in-game currency.

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