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Final Fantasy X Remake Rumors Are Reportedly False, Final Fantasy IX Remake Exists

Rumors regarding a remake of Final Fantasy X being in development are reportedly false, while those regarding a Final Fantasy IX remake are true.

Twitter/X insider Midori, who has previously shared details on titles in development at Sega and Square Enix, was asked whether the latter has any remakes in development (besides the obvious third and final part in the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy). In her response, she claimed that the rumors regarding a Final Fantasy X remake being in development are baseless, though fans still have much to be excited about as rumors regarding a Final Fantasy IX remake are true.

Final fantasy ix x remake

After the spectacular Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, as huge fans of the long-running series, we’ll take every and any remake we can get. While it would have been great to have remakes for both Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy X, it appears that Square Enix currently has no plans to work on the latter. Given that the original had also received a sequel, it would make a good candidate for a re-imagined trilogy similar to the Final Fantasy Remake saga. For now, all the insider could confirm is that the Final Fantasy IX remake exists. As for when Square Enix will unveil it is anyone’s guess.

Interestingly, former Reset Era member Im A Hero Too, who had also shared details on projects in development at Sega and Square Enix in the past, had claimed that a remake of Final Fantasy X will be released in the year 2026, close to the game’s 25th anniversary. The same individual had also stated that a Final Fantasy IX remake is development. The existence of the latter was corroborated to Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb. Both individuals had claimed that the remake will feature traditional gameplay that is closer to the original, retaining the combat system from the original.

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