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Monster Hunter Rise To Get New Demo, Post-Launch Updates Detailed

Capcom has shared details on Monster Hunter Rise confirming that a new demo will be released soon as well as sharing details on the post-launch update.

Monster Hunter Rise is confirmed to launch on March 26, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch. The game will also arrive on PC in early 2022. Capcom is planning to release a brand new demo for the game ahead of the launch on March 26. This demo will arrive in the form of an update if you have already installed it, but if you haven’t, then you can download the Monster Hunter Rise demo again.

Capcom has also shared details on a new Rampage mode in the game that will allow players to experience a new type of quest. “Hunters must work with the citizens of Kamura Village to prepare their defensive installations and guard the Stronghold barricades against waves of invading monsters, including any Apex monsters that may arrive during the siege.”

monster hunter rise demo

Monster Hunter Rise March 11 Demo

According to Capcom, a new demo will be released for the game on March 11. “The demo will feature a higher difficulty hunt against the flagship monster Magnamalo for seasoned hunters.” Those who haven’t played the previous demo can still go through the older quests that also included various tutorial missions to better understand the gameplay mechanics.

If you have already installed the demo, you will be able to get an update on March 11 that will bring the new quest and unlock the demo again. You will also get a reset for the number of times you can play the demo, although there is at rick to reset Monster Hunter Rise demo limit that should work again.

Lastly, we have some information about the first post-launch update for the game which will be released in April. This will bring in a new monster, Elder Dragon Chameleos. More monsters are confirmed to be a part of the upcoming updates but details on them will be shared at a later date.

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