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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Initial Sales Were “Favorable” According To Capcom

Capcom has commented on the sales success of Monster Hunter Stories 2, calling them favorable. They confirmed that the game had shipped 1 million copies.

In an investors’ Q/A session, they were asked to comment on the success of Monster Hunter Stories 2. The game launched on July 9, 2021 and the last sales update on it was shared July 20, when it was revealed that the game has shipped 1 million copies across PC and Nintendo Switch.

“At this point, the title has only recently been released. We are therefore waiting to evaluate its performance for the entire second quarter, “replies Capcom in response to the success of MHS 2. “We feel that initial sales have been favorable.”

monster hunter stories 2

The game is available across PC and Nintendo Switch. Unlike Monster Hunter Rise, Stories 2 was released on the same date on PC as the Nintendo Switch version. It also appears to be a rather simple port with no major visual enhancements differentiating it from the Nintendo Switch version.

Monster Hunter Stories is a spin-off series based on the Monster Hunter IP. It was first released on the Nintendo 3DS and then later ported to Smartphones. The sequel is completely independent of the first game making it a good point for newcomers. It was released for the Nintendo Switch and PC. It also had the best debut for a JRPG on Steam.

Capcom appears to have been focused on making PC as their primary platform and are planning to bring Monster Hunter Rise to PC later in 2022. The game is only available on the Nintendo Switch for now while the PC version was already confirmed ahead of the launch of the Switch version. They have also suggested that the sales between the consoles and PC is shrinking with time due to the rise in the number of users on PC.

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