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Mortal Kombat 1 Update 1.004 Introduces Ermac Alongside Bug Fixes and Adjustments

The latest update 1.004 for Mortal Kombat 1 has introduced several improvements and fixes across various platforms, including PC, Nintendo Switch, and online modes.

For PC players who use Steam and the Epic Games Store, the update aims to enhance game stability and improve gameplay performance for a wide range of hardware configurations. Specifically, the performance has been optimized for Valve SteamDeck users, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

On the Nintendo Switch, visual issues related to character appearances have been addressed. For example, Liu Kang’s hair no longer clips through his headband, and certain color palettes for Smoke have been fixed. Additionally, an issue causing soft locks during King of the Hill (KOTH) matches has been resolved.

General fixes and adjustments have been made across all platforms, including corrections to move lists, localization improvements, and enhancements to AI behavior. The update also introduces new additions to the roster, such as the inclusion of Ermac as a playable fighter, along with additional skins inspired by previous Mortal Kombat games.

Several gameplay-related issues have been addressed, including visual glitches with brutalities, improvements to AI behavior regarding wakeup and reversal attacks, and adjustments to gameplay settings affecting various modes. Additionally, fixes have been implemented for online matchmaking, KOTH matches, and tracking of gameplay statistics.

In Practice Mode, issues with block mechanics and certain attacks triggering breaker moves have been resolved. Character-specific adjustments have been made to various fighters, addressing issues with move animations, hitboxes, and damage scaling. For Kameo Fighters, which allow players to mimic the abilities of other characters, several improvements and adjustments have been made to move sets and combo mechanics.

Mortal Kombat 1 Update 1.004 Patch Notes

  • PC Steam & Epic Games Store
    • Game Stability improvements
    • Gameplay Performance improved for most Hardware configurations, including Valve SteamDeck
    • Refined Online Benchmark’s Storage Speed check to determine Krossplay Matchmaking eligibility
  • Nintendo Switch
    • Fixed visual issue where Liu Kang’s hair would clip through his headband
    • Fixed color of certain palettes for Smoke
    • Fixed an issue causing a soft lock during KOTH matches
  • General Fixes & Adjustments
    • Move list corrections & Localization fixes
    • AI adjustments & improvements
    • Improvements to Screen Reader functionality
    • Added Ermac Fighter to Roster
    • Added Deception skins for Shao Kahn & Sindel and Deadly Alliance skins for Quan Chi & Shang Tsung
    • Fixed several visual issues with brutalities
    • Improved AI ability to perform and defend against Wakeup & Reversal Attacks
    • Guest Users can now access unlocks in Local Versus
    • Fixed Gameplay > Pause Delay setting affecting modes outside of gameplay
    • Fixed situations where health values displayed during Survivor Tower could be incorrect
    • Fixed issue that could cause Daily & Weekly Quests to display incorrect time remaining
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Streak Stat to not be tracked properly after Kombat League & KOTH matches
    • Fixed situation where game could become unresponsive if internet connection is lost while a DLC character is being purchased from Fighter Select
    • Adjusted Fatal Blow Boost timing & damage during Story Mode Kameo Fatal Blows
    • Improved timing to be more intuitive for both players regaining control after a Match Extended occurs
    • Fixed camera issue that could occur when rapidly entering and exiting Kustomize Photo Mode
    • Added missing Lesson Komplete announcer audio on Kombo Challenges
    • Fighters can now be rotated in the Premium Shop & Seasonal Store with the Right Stick
    • Added Change Pose option in Kustomize Photo Mode
    • Fixed issue with Replays where an incorrect name may appear after viewing a Kombat Kard
    • Fixed several audio issues with Replays when playing at 1/2 speed
    • Fixed issue where game could become unresponsive if user signs out while watching a Replay
    • Fixed issue with Kameo moves not executing while the Roster character is performing a dash with specific timing
    • Fixed issue that could briefly cause incorrect Victim Regions to be used after duck blocking an attack then letting go of the block button and remaining idle
    • Fixed rare situations of incorrect gameplay face animations being displayed
    • Adjusted Opponent’s position on the first frame of some standing reactions
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing Maximum Damage from triggering in multiplayer modes
    • Fixed motion blur during some moves being applied differently for Player 2
  • Online
    • Adjustments to Rollback to improve online performance
    • Added Krossplay support (PC, Xbox Series X/S, & PlayStation 5 versions) to KOTH Matches
    • Fixed several issues with Krossplay & KOTH invites
    • Fixed “Players Met” not updating with players from Private Matches
    • Fixed a long delay that could sometimes occur if your opponent’s connection is lost during Kasual Versus
    • Fixed issue that could cause players to have to wait for the timer to expire if the King leaves the lobby before the first match has started
    • Fixed issue causing some Quests to track during Private online matches
  • Invasions
    • Fixed Mask consumables not working during Survival missions
    • Fixed issue that could cause some opponents to have incorrect names during Endurance & Ambush fights
    • Fixed rare situations where a new Endurance fight opponent would not be facing the correct direction
    • Fixed visual issue with Endurance matches where some attacks that could cause the opponent to explode twice when defeated
    • Fixed issue that could cause Kombo Attacks to not cancel into Talisman Activations
  • Practice Mode
    • Fixed Block Mode > Up Block not working correctly if opponent is hit then player switches sides with a jump attack
    • Fixed rare issue causing certain attacks to not trigger Breaker while Kustom Dummy with Breaker Mode On is used
    • Fixed damage numbers overlapping during Fatal Blows with multiple hits in quick succession
    • Fixed Random Playback Trigger not picking a random recording upon Practice Resetting before the current recording playback finishes

The detailed patch notes for update 1.004 are available to view on the Mortal Kombat 1 support website, including adjustments to characters.

Mortal Kombat 1 is out now for PS5, Xbox Series S|X, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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