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My Friend Peppa Pig Benefits From PS5 SSD Compression With 50% Reduction In File Size

My Friend Peppa Pig has received a free next-generation upgrade for the PS5 and Xbox Series X and it benefits from the SSD compression tech.

We have seen cases in the past where games across the PS4 and PS5 had different file sizes, less so on the PS5 in most cases. This has been attributed to the PS5 SSD Compression tech that was also detailed in an overview of the technology behind the console by Mark Cerny.

Now we have another extreme example of a game that takes advantage of this compression tech for the PS5 to dramatically reduce its file size, and it’s none other than everyone’s favorite GOTY contender My Friend Peppa Pig.

The PS5 version of the game has a file size of 1.2 GB compared to the 2.4 GB file size of the PS4 version. This accounts for a nearly 50% reduction in the file size saving you a valuable 1 GB of space on your PS5. You can record videos, save screenshots, or even try to find a game that is less than 1 GB to install on your console.

Jokes aside, this is pretty amazing to see because even if the game is not that large on PS4, the compression tech used on the PS5 works automatically so the developers don’t need to do much to apply it to their games.

Greg Martin

Writer in his spare time and full time mechanical Engineer.

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