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Mysterious Nintendo Teaser Emio May Not Be Related To Bloober, Rating Reveals Some Details

The mysterious new teaser from Nintendo, Emio, might not be related to developer Bloober Team, based on the latest information.

Universo Nintendo Editor-in-chief Necro Felipe took to gaming enthusiast forum Reset Era to share that developer Bloober Team is not involved in the development of the mysterious new game from Nintendo called Emio. Meanwhile, Nintendo of Australia posted the game’s trailer on its official YouTube channel, revealing some new details via the mentioned rating classification.

Emio nintendo

The Australian Classification Board has given Emio a Mature Accompanied (MA 15+) rating, which is assigned to content that is strong in impact.  As per the rating board, games classified as such are legally restricted to people aged 15 and over. They can contain content such as sex scenes and drug use that may have a strong impact on the viewer.

According to the details mentioned alongside the rating classification in the trailer, Emio contains strong themes, violence, cruelty, suicide references and themes, as well as domestic abuse.

Japanese streamer tkn0801 offered some further context regarding the mysterious game’s title, “Emio”. She mentioned that the name “Emio” refers to a “smiling man”, “Emi” being “smile” and “o” being the short version of “Otoko”, which means “man”. She added that she found the title unsettling.

Going by the violence themes mentioned alongside the rating classification, this may well be Nintendo’s first true psychological horror game. The teaser trailer asks “Who is Emio?”, and shows an eerie looking figure with a paper bag on their face. The bag has a smile drawn on it, suggesting that the person is none other than Emio, the “smiling man”. As for whether this individual is the game’s protagonist or antagonist is unclear at this point in time. The same goes for the game’s developer, which remains unknown. The game is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch sometime in the future.

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