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Xbox May Vary Delay Period For Bringing First Party Games To Cheaper Game Pass Standard Tier On Case By Case Basis

Xbox may vary the delay period for bringing first party games to the cheaper Game Pass Standard subscription tier on a case by case basis.

Content creator Parris took to Twitter/X to highlight the lack of clarification from Microsoft regarding the delay period for the arrival of first party games to Xbox Game Pass Standard. Windows Central editor and the Xbox Two podcast host Jez Corden responded by saying that a Microsoft representative told him first party games will arrive on the cheaper subscription tier on a case-by-case basis. He was also told that the delay period would be anywhere between 6 and 12 months, and sometimes even longer.

Xbox game pass standard

Microsoft recently announced that, starting July 10, 2024, new members subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, PC Game Pass, and 12-month subscriptions to Game Pass Core will see updated prices. While Xbox users are generally unhappy with this decision, Microsoft claims that these changes to Xbox Game Pass aim to align the subscription costs more closely with the value provided and market conditions.

Corden argued that nothing is certain with subscription services, and that Netflix, Amazon etc., have all changed what their subscriptions represent as they have moved from post-acquisition to saturation phase. He urged those who are dissatisfied the changes to Game Pass’ subscription tiers to vote with their wallet by quitting Xbox altogether.

However, we feel that the price hike as well as other changes to the subscription plan may hurt the service’s potential in the long run and make things needlessly confusing for the end user. The decision to end the basic Xbox Game Pass tier for Console has stripped the service of a meaningful option, while the decision to not offer access to day one releases via the new Xbox Game Pass Standard tier takes away the service’s biggest advantage. As such, with this restructuring, Microsoft has stripped console Xbox Game Pass subscribers of choice, forcing them to reconsider the value proposition of the service.

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