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Naughty Dog Working On Its Next Big Game, Picked The Project Devs Were Most Excited For

Naughty Dog has already begun working on its next big game, and the development team has picked the project that it was most excited for.

Speaking during Kinda Funny’s Spoilercast discussion on HBO’s The Last of Us TV show, Naughty Dog co-president, Neil Druckmann, revealed that the studio is currently working on its next game alongside The Last of Us Multiplayer project, and that the development team chose the project that it was most interested in working on.

Naughty dog next game

Druckmann further stated that The Last Of Us online game will arrive before this new unannounced project, and there will be lots of information on the multiplayer title coming later in the year. He added that the online title is the first The Last of Us project that he was only producing/overseeing, and that he wasn’t involved as the main director or writer.

According to Druckmann, Naughty Dog has been restructured in order to be able to work on multiple game projects simultaneously, whether it be new IPs, sequels or both. He said that the studio now has a large team of producers, game directors and writers, allowing it to be more organized than before.

Regarding the next big game from the studio, Druckmann stated that it is already in development, and, although he acknowledged the fan request for a The Last of Us Part 3, the concept has already been chosen. He added that it is something the whole studio chose, as it will keep everyone in the development team excited for the next few years.

Previously, it was reported that a new IP from Naughty Dog may have been teased in The Last of Us Part 1. Keen eyed fans of the recently released remake spotted concept artwork from what appears to be a new IP from Naughty Dog. It appears to be set in a fantasy world of some kind.

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