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Necromunda Hired Gun: All Trophies and Achievements Guide

Necromunda Hired Gun is a spin-off based on the Warhammer 40,000 series. Here’s how you can unlock all of its trophies and achievements.

The game is being developed by Streum On Studio and will be published by Focus Home Interactive. It is a fast-paced first-person shooter allowing its players to not only enjoyed the Warhammer 40,000 universe but also play through endless weapons and augmentations, fight alongside a loyal cyber dog, and upgrade their character.

While the game won’t be out until the next week, the trophies and achievements can already be seen online on the official servers. You can check out the complete list below.

How To Unlock All Necromunda Hired Gun Trophies and Achievements

There are a total of 48 trophies and achievements that you can unlock in the game. Check the list below to find out their names and how to unlock them.


How to unlock


You have killed 100 enemies with a headshot


You have performed 100 Takedowns

The Bounty

Finish Chapter 1 (Secret)

The Captive

Finish Chapter 2 (Secret)

The Beast

Finish Chapter 3 (Secret)

The Ambush

Finish Chapter 4 (Secret)

The Escape

Finish Chapter 5 (Secret)

The Siege

Finish Chapter 6 (Secret)

The Dark

Finish Chapter 7 (Secret)

The Stair

Finish Chapter 8 (Secret)

The Meeting

Finish Chapter 9 (Secret)

Gang War

Finish Chapter 10 (Secret)

The Scent

Finish Chapter 11 (Secret)

Martyr’s End

Finish Chapter 12 (Secret)

The Past

Finish the Main Campaign (Secret)

Additional income

Finish your first secondary mission

New allies

Fill one faction bar

Small update

Buy your first upgrade to the Rogue Doc

Still human?

Upgrade one implant to the class 4

Gecko’s feet

Wallrun 2500m

Now I see you

Take out 50 shields with the grapnel

Who’s the boss now?

Finish a mission with an S rank

Death comes from above

Kill 100 enemies while wall running

Treasure hunt

Open 20 chests

Weapons lover

Kill an enemy with every weapon

Who let the dogs out

Kill 30 enemies with your Mastiff

Bionic master

Kill 100 enemies by using Augmetics powers

The best student

Finish all main missions with a rank of A or more

Man’s best friend

Buy an upgrade for your Mastiff (Secret)

Who’s a good boy?

Pet your dog in Martyr’s end (Secret)

Bull’s Eye

Complete the shooting training in Martyr’s End (Secret)


Find a +3 weapon

Perfect weapon

Customize every aspect of a single weapon


Amass 100.000 credits

The one and only

Finish Kaerus without using any other weapons than the Ironfist (Secret)


Finish Avarus without using the grapnel (Secret)

God speed

Place the 5 bombs in a gap of fewer than 3 minutes in Escher Lab (Secret)


Kill 10 enemies in a row with headshots only

Kill it with fire

Kill a Genestealer with a grenade launcher

I hate walking

Travel 5km using the grapnel (Secret)

The specialist

Finish a mission using only special weapons

Who needs weapons

Kill 5 enemies in one use of Strength Booster

Future best friend?

Let Brickjaw live in Koloss 44 (Secret)


Kill Brickjaw in Koloss 44 (Secret)


Kill 30 enemies with the Blast module

It’s not cheating!

Kill 60 enemies with the Perfect Aim module


Kill 30 enemies with the Crush module


Trigger all mines on Steel way

Necromunda Hired Gun will be out on June 1, 2021, for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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