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Neo: The World Ends With You Rated Teen by ESRB

ESRB has rated Neo: The World Ends With You for the Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and PS4. The game was recently confirmed for July 27.

Neo: The World Ends With You is the successor to The World Ends With You. The game was originally announced for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch while the PC version was recently confirmed to release on the Epic Games Store. Square Enix has also shared a new trailer to celebrate the announcement of the release date.

ESRB rating for the game has now appeared online giving a hint at some of the violence and other suggestive themes that are a part of the game.

This is an action role-playing game in which players assume the roles of two high-school students who get pulled into the afterlife. From a third-person perspective, players explore areas of Tokyo, interact with characters, and battle other teams and fantastical enemies (e.g., land sharks, giant frogs, giant wolves). Players use psychic weapons, melee attacks, and magic spells (e.g., fire balls, electric strikes, ice blasts) to defeat enemies. Battles are stylized and frenetic, with impacts sounds, explosions, and flashes of light. In one comic-book panel, a female character wears a revealing jacket that exposes portions of her breasts (i.e., inner cleavage). The word “sh*t” is heard in the game.

Neo: The World Ends With You will be out on July 27, 2021, for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It is also coming to the Epic Games Store for PC later this Summer.

Ali Haider

Ali Haider loves to dabble in multimedia projects. He has a passion for editing and managing YouTube videos and loves writing in his spare time.

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