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New 2D Mario & SNES Classic Remake Rumored To Be At Next Nintendo Direct

A new 2D Mario game as well a remake of a SNES classic are rumored to be revealed at the next Nintendo Direct.

Twitter user Pyoro_ND, who had previously leaked the announcement of Everybody 1-2-Switch and Sonic Superstars among other accurate leaks, now claims that a new 2D Mario game as well a remake of a SNES classic are set to be revealed at the upcoming Nintendo Direct.

2d mario snes classic remake nintendo direct

Based on this information, it’s hard to say whether the 2D Mario game will be a brand new entry or a sequel to one of the existing 2D Mario games. Similarly, the SNES platform had many classic titles, and it’s tough to tell which one is getting the remake treatment from Nintendo.

That said, it looks like Nintendo has some interesting surprises planned for the next Direct, which is rumored to happen sometime soon. Based on the rumor, Nintendo will be holding a Nintendo Direct event sometime during the month of July, 2023.

Speaking during a recent episode of Giant Bombcast, Jeff Grubb, who is known for his sources within the video game industry, stated that he’s heard “early rumblings” about Nintendo holding a Direct sometime in July, 2023. Grubb mentioned that he’s heard Nintendo will be holding an event of some kind in July, 2023, but he wasn’t sure if it’ll be a proper Direct, a Partner Direct, a Third-party Showcase Direct, or a Direct Mini.

If a Nintendo Direct does indeed happen next month, fans who are expecting the console maker to reveal the Switch successor at the event will likely be disappointed. Given the current state of things, Nintendo will not launch a new console before April, 2024, and would likely not reveal it anytime soon. In its Fiscal Year 2023 Earnings report, the console maker had stated that the Switch successor would not launch during the current fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2024.

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