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Ubisoft Releases New Far Cry 5 Update 1.12 As Players Return To The Game After New Dawn

Far Cry 5 was out more than a year ago and since then Ubisoft has released all of the major story expansions or updates for the game. Why did they decide to release a new update suddenly when the game is out for so long?

As it turns out, after the release of Far Cry New Dawn, Ubisoft has noticed that there is an increase in the player count and renewed interest for Far Cry 5. New Dawn is a sequel that is also spin-off to Far Cry 5, which is why those who played it for the first time might have an interest in returning back to the franchise.

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Far Cry 5 was a big success for Ubisoft. It ended on a cliffhanger which apparently gets resolved in Far Cry: New Dawn. This new game focuses on a co-op campaign and features new villains and gameplay like crafting. Since the story of New Dawn offered cameos and returning characters, there was a surge of interest in Far Cry 5 after the release of the game.

Today, Far Cry 5 has received update version 1.12 on PS4. This is Far Cry 5 Title Update 12 which is releasing after more than six months. For some reason, it is absolutely massive even if it contains fixes for minor graphical issues.

With the launch of Far Cry New Dawn, we’re delighted to see an increase in the activity on Far Cry 5.
We’d therefore like to take the opportunity to fix a few minor graphical issues.

The update size for each platform is:
– PS4: 8.5 GB;
– Xbox One: 9.5 GB;
– PC: 9 GB.

Ubisoft hasn’t explained these graphical issues but if you were having any problems with the game related to the visuals, perhaps this might be the fix for it.

Source (Ubisoft)

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