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New Mass Effect Game To Ditch Frostbite For Unreal Engine

Mass Effect Andromeda was the last time a new game was released for the series and it used Frostbite Engine, but this might change with the new game.

A recruitment drive on Twitter suggests that Bioware is now hiring for Unreal Engine 4/5 programmers which means that the new Mass Effect might not use Frostbite Engine.

This move won’t be a surprise since part of Andromeda’s problem stemmed from the game engine, which was Frostbite. It was developed by EA Dice but it had never been used for something like an open-world RPG and complex animation, which proved to be quite troublesome during the development of Mass Effect Andromeda.

By using an already capable engine like Unreal 4 or 5, Bioware is going to avoid heading into the same hurdle as the last Mass Effect game and focus on creating the underlying systems and story.

The new game is not expected to be out anytime soon. Just like Dragon Age, it is being developed by Bioware who are trying to work out their problems after facing multiple issues with the launch of their new games like Anthem and ME Andromeda. They were once considered a prestigious studio but now they have a lot to deliver for their fans.

Greg Martin

Writer in his spare time and full time mechanical Engineer.

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