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New PlayStation Store Design Update Is Live For Some Users

Sony is going to launch a complete revamp of the PlayStation Store and it has started to go live early for users giving the first look at the new design.

PlayStation Store is getting completely revamped by Sony. This upcoming update is going to remove legacy consoles and handhelds like the PS3 and PS Vita. The new update will focus on PSVR, PS4, and PS5 going forward, letting the players buy and browse through the games library of both consoles.

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While the update is not planned to go live until October 21st, images from the store are being posted on ResetEra forums. These images give a glimpse at the new design for the PlayStation Store.

playstation store update

This new design is simplified and more in line with the current official PlayStation website. In the past, the PlayStation Store worked differently than the official PlayStation website with a separate theme and design, but that has changed now with this new update.

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Some of the features have been removed like the Wishlist feature, while others have been added. It is a simplified design that appears to closely resemble the PlayStation 5’s black and white theme as well.

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