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New Valkyrie Profile Project Teased After The Culmination of Valkyrie Anatomia Mobile Game

Valkyrie Profile could get a new project after the end message teases that the series will continue in a new project based on the series.

Valkyrie Profile was first introduced for the PS1 and received a sequel for PS2. It was developed by tri-Ace, who are reportedly hiring for a new project. They have also worked on the Star Ocean series for Square Enix.

While there is no upcoming announcement for a game based on the series, the gacha-focused mobile spin-off that is based on the Valkyrie series, Valkyrie Anatomia, is going to end its service. Players who have the game on their Smartphones are greeted with the following message.

valkyrie teaser

The interesting part of this message is the teaser suggesting that there might be a new Valkyrie game in the future. It could be for Smartphones, or perhaps for consoles if we can dare to dream, but this is something nonetheless.

If you are a fan of the franchise, it would be best to hope that Square Enix at least brings back the first two games to the modern platforms. Currently, the only way to play Valkyrie Profile Lenneth is through iOS or Android, or if you can grab a PSP and physical copy of the game then you should be able to play it. As for the sequel, it is still stuck on PS2 so there is no way to get it on modern platforms unless Square Enix decides to port or remaster it.

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