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New Valve VR Controller Patent Has Emerged

Valve has filed a patent for a brand new VR controller with a linear hand strap adjuster to accommodate different user hand sizes.

According to the patent abstract, the new VR controller from Valve is meant for an electronic system, and it may include a linear hand strap adjuster to accommodate different hand sizes of users who may hold the controller in their hand. For example, a linear slot may be defined in the handle at a proximal end of the handle that is adjacent to the neck region where the handle is adjoined to the head.

valve vr controller patent

The linear slot may extend longitudinally along the handle. An anchor disposed within the linear slot may protrude from the outer surface of the handle to provide a point of attachment for an end of the hand strap. Accordingly, a first end of the hand strap is configured to be coupled to the anchor, and the anchor is movable along the linear slot to adjust the first end of the hand strap.

The new VR controller still features finger tracking, as per the patent description. The disclosed linear hand strap adjuster does not change the user’s grip on the handle, which helps to maintain a consistent finger placement on the handle, which, in turn, helps with the calibration of finger tracking sensors in the handle.

valve vr controller patent

No prototype images show the rear side of the controller, and, therefore, it’s difficult to get a look at the triggers. The image above shows that the controller has the ring going down similarly to PSVR 2 controllers. It also shows a system button.

The primary idea Valve appears to want to highlight for the purpose of this patent is that users will be able to remove/replace the hand strap by design. As with all patents, however, it’s unknown if this one will ever materialize into an actual product.

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