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New Xbox One System Software Update Improves 4K Visual Performance In Games

Microsoft has released a brand new Xbox One firmware update ahead of the release of Crackdown 3. In the changelog, the update mentions that it improves 4K visual performance in games.

This new Xbox One system software update was released just a few hours ago. It is releasing almost two months after the last major update for the Xbox One system software. If you want to verify the system software, it is listed as “OS version – 10.0.17763.4085 (rs5_release_xbox_dev_ 1902.190131-1620)” on the support website. The date is a typo and should have said 2019 instead of 2018.

So what’s new in this brand new firmware update? Apparently one of the fixes that are listed in the full firmware changelog reference improvements being made to 4K gaming. Here is the full changelog for this firmware update.


  • Added reliability fixes to Cortana.
  • Unplugging a headset during video playback no longer results in audio loss before video playback freezes.
  • Made audio system upgrades when switching from Home to a game or app.


  • Improved Cortana responsiveness to commands.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some consoles to crash unexpectedly.


  • Improved performance on the Home Dashboard.


  • Improved mouse responsiveness to reduce lag.

My games and apps

  • Improved the installation experience for various FastStart titles.
  • Fixed a problem in some games (e.g. Resident Evil 0) in which cutscenes would fail and the game would lock.
  • Fixes an issue to ensure certain apps like the Avatar Editor and Microsoft Rewards work on first launch.


  • Fixed an issue in which some people received the E203 error when taking a system update.
  • Improved performance on the network port.
  • Improved performance and reliability on the save game feature when games are suspended.
  • Improved speed and performance of My games & apps.
  • Improved idle screen performance.
  • Improved 4K visual performance in games.
  • Improved the performance of the guide on Home.


  • Made improvements to the 4K video pipeline so that apps like Netflix display 4K content correctly.

It will be interesting to see the extent of improvements that Microsoft has made here for the Xbox One when it comes to 4K gaming and video playback.

Source (Xbox Support)

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