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Crackdown 3 Looks Like a Proper Current Generation Game In New 4K Screenshots

Crackdown 3 received a new set of press coverage that includes previews and more. It has also received some screenshots and footage that gives a much better idea of how the game stands now visually compared to its earlier version.

Crackdown 3 has received complaints of the game getting downgraded, but as we can see in the new footage, they are not valid. The game looks great and the visuals do really pop out when it runs without any constraints at 4K. The art style does feel ugly giving it a look that is not preferable for many others. This is making it look more like a cartoon.

Screenshots from the game were posted on Reddit and a high-quality video of the game’s single and multiplayer mode called Wrecking Zone makes it clear that it doesn’t look that bad. The footage of the gameplay can be accessed directly from the Xbox Press website. You can grab the single player footage or have a look at the Wrecking Zone multiplayer footage by downloading the files from the server.

The screenshots for Crackdown 3 offer pristine looking image quality save for the art style. The main character is Terry Crews who has a great looking character model in the game. Terry Crews is also at the forefront when it comes to the marketing for Crackdown 3.

If you are waiting for the Crackdown 3 reviews, they are expected to drop on February 11. Crackdown 3 preload is available now on the Xbox One and the download size has been confirmed. The game was rated M for Mature by ESRB. It is also part of the Xbox Game Pass lineup in February 2019.

Source (Reddit, ResetERA)


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  1. J.j. Barrington February 11, 2019

    Still not looking impressive…

    1. L 7 CHAPEL February 13, 2019

      “Crackdown 3 has received complaints about the game getting downgraded, but as we can see in the footage they are not valid”

      Maybe you should fetch a box of “crow helper” to go with that…

      1. J.j. Barrington February 13, 2019

        Right, because this invalidates all the other footage out there?

        1. L 7 CHAPEL February 14, 2019

          Yes, it does.

          1. J.j. Barrington February 14, 2019


          2. L 7 CHAPEL February 14, 2019

            it says it right in the title.
            stated in the article, and shows images to back it up.
            there are also other ones on( if you look) resetera, it’s as factual as any of the other articles( -massive amounts of horseshit )you want to sit and declare is absolute truth and proof.
            until you’ve had it in your hand, put it in your console, fired it up on a 4K TV and played it, everything you’ve seen heard and want to cite, has no more validity than the images suggesting to you,
            so fu****g please, I love it when trolls try to play like they’re simple rational people “that really wanted to love the game, but are just so disappointed” who do you think you’re fooling ?it’s like a four year old lying, that look in their eyes, that thinks they’re the first one that ever thought of it, you just don’t see how transparent your horseshit is…

          3. J.j. Barrington February 14, 2019

            If it’s as factual as any of the other articles, then why is this one MORE factual?

            Oh: because it says what you want to hear.

            I almost feel bad for you: the game is getting trashed in reviews, on all fronts, and you’re left looking like the silly fanboy you are. Lash out all you want, but you only have yourself to blame.

            Hey, at least you can forego spending your allowance on it and get it on GamePass, right? Wait, but if it’s so good, you won’t mind actually putting down full price, right?

            lol, who do you think YOU’RE fooling?

  2. Jinger February 11, 2019

    Lol what’s your problem with the art style? Is supposed to be cell shaded comic book style.

  3. JesusChrist February 11, 2019

    In stills the game looks alright, but it’s when you start playing the game it all goes to crap.

  4. MaxAnnoying February 13, 2019

    Blaming the art style is always a cover up for technical aspects, and that’s not a problem. I mean if naughty dogs went for a more cartoony style on initial uncharted, that’s because they never solved the uncanney valley and because PS3 was not capable at the time.

    Art style is often a lousy excuse for poor execution.

  5. Samus Aran February 14, 2019

    I’ll try it at launch.


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