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The Next Tomb Raider Is Allegedly Set In India, Features An “Unrestricted” Open World

The next Tomb Raider game will take place in India and will feature an “unrestricted” open world setting, based on the latest rumor.

According to Twitter/X user thevscooper, who is known for sharing leaks from Hollywood, the next Tomb Raider will feature an “unrestricted” open world and will take place in India. As always, we urge our readers to take all such information with a grain of salt until there is confirmation from official sources.

Tomb raider open world

Details On Open World Gameplay In Next Tomb Raider

The leaked claimed that the next Tomb Raider will offer vast environments, the use of a motorcycle at any point, a parachute, and common traversal methods that Lara Croft is known to use, likely referring to gadgets like the grappling hook she used in prior games. They added that players will have “unrestricted” access to the open world, and will need to navigate across its many challenges.

Details On The Story & Setting

According to the insider, the story in the next Tomb Raider title will involve a natural disaster that strikes northern India, revealing ancient emperor Ashoka’s ruins and artifacts. The game is said to have Lara Croft strategically race against the Society of Raiders and other rivals in order to acquire these powerful relics.

A now deleted tweet from February, 2024, had shared some of the details mentioned in the new leak, suggesting that there may be some legitimacy to the information at hand. The earlier leak had mentioned that the next Tomb Raider would be based on a “generic Ubigame” structure, and that Lara Croft would accompanied by four companions, each with their own abilities. It was said that the game would feature an open or semi-open world, and that Lara would have access to a motorcycle in order to make exploration easier.

The earlier leak also stated that the next Tomb Raider will feature MMO elements, a total of five stereotypical villains, including a rich man, a mob boss, and a pair of brothers. It was also said that the game will feature returning characters from prior entries, including Jonah Maiava and Kurtis Trent. According to the previous leak, Lara will have a skill tree that will also include spells in some shape or form. It was also said that the game is comprised of a mix of various trends and genres.

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