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Recent Nintendo Leaks Reportedly Emerged Via A Google Employee Accessing Private YouTube Videos

The recent spree of leaks from camp Nintendo came via a google employee accessing private YouTube videos, based on the latest report.

404 Media has obtained a copy of an internal Google database that tracks six years worth of potential privacy and security issues, revealing that the company often mishandles significant amounts of sensitive personal data. Among this security breach are leaks related to announcements that were to be made by Nintendo via YouTube.

nintendo leaks youtube

As per the report, a Google employee had accessed private videos from Nintendo’s YouTube account, and leaked their details ahead of the console maker’s planned announcements. A subsequent internal interview had classified the leaks as “non-intentional”. According to 404 Media, it obtained this data from an anonymous individual who did not provide their real name or identity. Google confirmed aspects of the content found in the database.

Meanwhile, Daniel Ahmed, Director of Research and Insights at Niko Partners, took to Twitter/X to share that he’s heard similar details regarding other leaks that have happened in the game industry. According to him, illegal access to private YouTube videos is how a number of insiders operate even today.

The recent State of Play leak appears to have happened in a similar manner. Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson had recently shared that, from what he had gathered, the YouTube management has investigated employees breaching their contractual agreements on two different occasions in the past 18 months due to employees accessing content on the back-end.

According to Henderson, the YouTube management will conduct a third investigation following the recent leaks from PlayStation’s State of Play presentation, and likely also after Summer Game Fest. Leaks of this magnitude that happen hours prior to an event or a presentation can be quite discouraging for all those who work hard to put everything together. As such, we certainly hope that the social media platform gets to the bottom of these leaks and prevents them from happening.

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