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Microsoft Will Allegedly Shadow Drop Major First Party Title & Reveal Teaser For Xbox Handheld At Upcoming Showcase

Microsoft is set to shadow drop a major first party title as well as reveal a teaser for the Xbox handheld at the upcoming Xbox Showcase event, based on the latest rumor.

According to insider and content creator eXtas1s, who previously leaked who gameplay from Kojima Productions’ Overdose, Lords Of The Fallen Gamepass announcement, and the release date for Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, one of the Xbox first-party titles fans are looking forward to seeing at the upcoming showcase, such as the next Flight Simulator, Avowed, Diablo DLC, Starfield DLC, Towerborne, will be shadow dropped at the event. In other words, he claims that the game will be released during or right after the presentation. He also said that he knows what game it is, but he has chosen not to reveal it and ruin the surprise for fans.

Xbox handheld showcase

Furthermore, the content creator claims that Microsoft will reveal a teaser for the rumored Xbox gaming handheld at the upcoming showcase and confirm its existence.

The existence of the Xbox gaming handheld was first hinted at by both The Xbox Two podcast co-host Jez Corden and insider Tom Henderson. Later, Microsoft sent out invitations via email to newsletter subscribers, asking them to take part in a survey to provide feedback on its gaming handheld devices, lending some additional credibility to the rumor.

The survey aimed to gather information on various user preferences pertaining to native software installation, cloud gaming, usage patterns, form factor, and the impact of a handheld PC alongside other devices. According to Corden, Microsoft already has gaming handheld prototypes in development. He further clarified that although the company had previously experimented with handheld prototypes, the one he referred to are more recent. He clarified that the Xbox handheld prototypes he spoke of are not cloud-based, and that they are capable of running software natively. He added that the device will likely be digital-only.

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