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Nintendo Switch Has Sold 12 Million In Japan, 4x The LTD Sales of Wii U

Nintendo Switch has done well in Japan, enough to wipe the failure of Nintendo Wii U. It is already on pace to outsell the Gameboy Advance.

Nintendo Switch is continuing to show an increase year-over-year for its sales despite launching in 2017. The sales momentum hasn’t slowed down in Japan and in fact, the console is up in year-to-date sales. There is an increase of almost 30% this year for Nintendo Switch. It is all leading ahead of the new Animal Crossing game which is one of the best-selling IP for Nintendo in Japan.

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According to the latest sales figure for Nintendo Switch in Japan, the console has now sold through more than 12 million units. It has accomplished this feat in under three years which is impressive. It should be able to outsell the GameBoy Advance at this pace, which has an LTD sales of more than 15 million.

nintendo switch 12 million sales

In terms of consoles, Nintendo Switch should have no problem outselling the Nintendo Wii. It just needs to sell more than 12.7 million to achieve this feat, which will happen sometime later this year.

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Nintendo Switch is already massively successful for Nintendo. It has sold through 52 million units becoming the second best selling console for the company. It is still behind the Nintendo Wii which had sold through more than 100 million units worldwide, but the console should have no problem outselling the Nintendo 3DS, which stands at 75 million units.

Some of the major games that are confirmed to launch later this year are Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Pokémon Sword and Shield expansions. The latter has become one of the fastest-selling games in the series by achieving more than 16 million sales since launching back in November.

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