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Nintendo Switch 2 Rumored Reveal/Launch Window, Backward Compatibility & Possible Gimmick Detailed

The rumored reveal and launch window for the successor to the Nintendo Switch, dubbed Switch 2, along with plans for backward compatibility and a possible gimmick, have been detailed.

In his latest video, YouTuber Nate the Hate is joined by Digital Foundry’s John Linneman, as they discuss what they know or believe will be the reveal and launch window for the Nintendo Switch 2 will be, and what sort of backward compatibility and gimmick can fans expect from the upcoming console.

Nintendo switch 2 reveal launch window

Nate believes that the year ahead will be slower for Nintendo Switch releases, as Nintendo gears up for its next console. Nonetheless, there will still be announcements through Nintendo Directs or similar channels. He predicts a cross-gen period in 2025, suggesting that Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD or Paper Mario TTYD Remake won’t mark the end of games for the Switch. Regarding the Partner Direct speculation, he expects this year’s first Direct to be a Partner Direct. He thinks the console maker will prioritize third party content over 1st party at the presentation. Meanwhile, John echoes expectations for a surprise teaser video akin to the Switch reveal for the Switch 2.

Nate previously hinted at something in March, 2024, now leaning towards it being the Switch 2 reveal, citing Nintendo’s meetings with developers at GDC. He believes Nintendo will feature the Switch 2 in the June, 2024 Direct, offering previews to news outlets and showcasing the tech in future events like TGS. He foresees potential sellouts from November to March if the Switch 2 launches in November, 2024, capitalizing on the holiday rush. John reflects on the Switch Pro rumors, believing there was too much buzz for it to be baseless, but suspects Nintendo shifted gears to ensure a successful launch. He’s confident that if the Switch 2 delivers on games and performance, it will replicate the success of its predecessor.

John anticipates the Switch 2 to be larger than the original, aligning with rumors of a larger screen implying a bigger chip. Battery life is a concern for John, who emphasizes the uncertainty of demo tech translating to retail units. Nate suggests the Switch 2 might forgo JoyCons, likening it to a ROG Ally. John agrees, citing their limited success and discomfort. They debate the significance of JoyCons, with John questioning their usage based on Switch trailer features. Nate acknowledges the success of JoyCons but suggests including a controller in the Switch 2 box to discourage accessory purchases.

Both Nate and John expect backward compatibility on the Switch 2, but express concerns over the state of the eShop and its potential overhaul. They doubt significant performance boosts for backward compatible games, predicting minor enhancements at best. Nate expects developers will opt to re-release games with updates rather than providing patches to offset costs.

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