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The Super Mario Bros Movie Helped Nintendo In Expanding Its Switch Business In New Regions

The Super Mario Bros movie helped Nintendo in expanding its Switch console business in new global regions, based on the latest information.

Speaking during a Q&A session on the occasion of the company’s Q3 financial results for fiscal year 2024, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa shared that the company was able to expand its Switch console business in new global regions with the help of the Super Mario Bros movie.

Super mario bros movie switch

Furukawa was asked about Nintendo’s earlier statement about the Super Mario Bros. Movie being watched by many people in regions where its console business doesn’t have any presence, and whether the company plans on expanding to said regions. Furukawa responded by noting that the regions where the Super Mario Brothers Movie is screened or distributed are considerably broader compared to countries and regions where Nintendo Switch is sold. In response to the positive reception of the movie, particularly in Central and South America, Nintendo has intensified promotional efforts in Mexico during the recent holiday season. Despite an overall decrease in hardware sales, there was an increase in sales in Mexico. Furthermore, Furukawa said that the expansion of sales channels in Southeast Asia and initiatives to enhance Nintendo’s visibility among a broader customer base are underway. The objective is to establish initial connections with customers through Nintendo Switch in these regions and leverage this foundation for future business ventures.

Furukawa also highlighted that, in other regions, hardware pricing presents a significant challenge for business expansion. Historically, finding a starting point for business expansion focused on dedicated game consoles has proven difficult. However, he said that opportunities have arisen in the current fiscal year for consumers to engage with Nintendo’s IP through avenues beyond dedicated gaming consoles, such as movies and mobile apps. This diversification has enabled activities to raise awareness of Nintendo in these regions. Furukawa cited examples of expanding official store pop-up stores in countries like Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore, where a substantial number of customers visited and made purchases. Additionally, the company plans to open Super Nintendo World in Orlando, USA, and Singapore. Despite challenges in regions where hardware pricing has been a barrier, Furukawa stated that the goal remains to introduce Nintendo’s IP and cultivate familiarity, ultimately encouraging engagement with Nintendo’s core business of dedicated gaming consoles through various ongoing initiatives.

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