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Future Lineup Of Sega Classic Reboots Are Rumored To Be Headed To Nintendo Switch 2

The future lineup of classic reboots being developed by Sega are set to arrive on the unannounced Nintendo Switch successor (dubbed Switch 2), based on the latest rumor.

Twitter/X user MbKKssTBhz5, who is known for their inside information on upcoming Sega projects, has shared that the future lineup of classic reboots in development at the company will be headed to Nintendo Switch 2 in addition to other current-gen platforms.

Sega reboots nintendo switch 2

The Twitter/X user stated that the new Jet Set Radio game will not a remake. Instead, the game is a reboot that will be released in 2026. As per them, a remake of Jet Set Radio was also planned. It was originally set for release in 2027, but the game has changed since development began. The Jet Set Radio reboot will feature a brand new story involving both new and returning characters.

Regarding the Crazy Taxi franchise, the insider claimed that it had a remake and reboot initiative. They added that the game revealed at The Game Awards 2023 is the Crazy Taxi reboot, and that it will feature online elements. They clarified that it is not a remake. According to them, the reboot is currently planned for release in 2027.

As for the Virtua Fighter series, they mentioned that a reboot is currently in development, though it is not being developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. According to them, it is being developed by the development team that has worked on the latest Virtua Fighter games. The game is said to feature single player and multiplayer elements, and will target both casual and core audiences, including competitive players.

The insider claimed that these reboots of classic Sega franchises are part of a larger initiative to re-imagine many dormant Sega franchises.

Previously, during its Management Meeting presentation for the year 2023, Sega had shared details regarding its upcoming reboots.

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