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Nintendo Switch Online App New Update Version 1.5.0 On Smartphones Is Mostly Useless

Nintendo Switch Online app has been updated to version 1.5.0 for the Smartphones today but the update itself has turned out to be quite useless in itself.

If you have a Nintendo Switch and want to do online chat, this app was useful in multiplayer. Due to the nature of the app, it didn’t work that well in the start leaving the players in frustration. It was later improved with the later updates but the idea itself always felt stupid compared to what Sony, Microsoft or other online gaming clients have offered so far.

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The Nintendo Switch Online app has received update version 1.5.0 today which brings the minimum requirement for running it on the iOS platform to 10, and Android to 5.0. Here’s what the changelog mentions for the update.

Various performance and usability improvements implemented, including changing the button display position.

Bug fixes implemented.

Supported iOS versions changed. To use this app, iOS 10.0 or later is now required.

Supported Android versions changed. To use this app, Android 5.0 or later is now required.

Despite getting an update, it doesn’t seem to do much for the app in itself. The voice chat feature is a mixed bag because it doesn’t always work as intended for some games, but if you are having some issues with it, perhaps this update can solve it since it supposedly includes bug fixes.

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