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Nintendo Does Not Find Switch Performance To Be Inadequate Or Lacking

Nintendo does not find the performance of the Switch to be inadequate or lacking, based on a new statement.

During a Q&A session that took place during the 83rd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, a question regarding the hardware specifications of the Switch, which is now in its seventh year, being good enough to bring all of its game ideas to fruition was asked from Nintendo. Shinya Takahashi, Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer at Nintendo, responded by stating that, as a game software developer, he does not find the Nintendo Switch performance as lacking.

Nintendo switch performance

Takahashi added that game developers generally want more, and will always want to incorporate a lot of elements that exceed the hardware limitations. Since the Famicom era, Nintendo has worked on ways to fit such elements inside a framework with certain limitations, and its job is to figure out how to create a fun game within these constraints. He believes that some interesting content is created as a result of accommodating such limitations and the company has actually been able to make this happen.

Ko Shiota, Director, Senior Executive Officer at Nintendo, stated on the topic that Nintendo has been developing Switch software for a long time and has used various methods to overcome performance barriers. According to him, even now, the system developers are listening to game developers and continuously implementing initiatives to increase the smoothness and longevity of Nintendo Switch software development.

During the same Q&A session, Nintendo also shared how it is planning to make a smooth transition for its existing Switch user base to its successor. Nintendo President and CEO Shuntaro Furukawa stated that the company plans on making a smooth transition for its user base from Nintendo Switch to its successor via the Nintendo Account. He mentioned that the console maker is always considering various aspects of future hardware specifications. However, he refrained from offering any specific details on future hardware for now.

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