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Nintendo Switch Pro Will Offer Hardware-Based DLSS, Might Not Launch In 2021 – Rumor

Nintendo Switch Pro rumor has started to surface again and new information on the rumor is being shared online, including the possibility of DLSS.

Nintendo is apparently planning to release a new hardware model of the Switch. It was reported by Bloomberg who also suggested that this new iteration of the Switch hardware might arrive this year. Samsung is tasked with developing 720p OLED panels for this display that are roughly 7-inch in size making them the largest out of all Switch models.

In a new rumor based on the DLSS feature that is used by Nvidia for PC, Nate Drake, who has proven to be a reliable insider for Nintendo news, talked about the DLSS feature and clarified that it won’t be a part of the Dock, but rather it is hardware-based so it should work for both Portable and Docked mode.

nintendo switch pro DLSS

He mentioned that this feature will be a part of the SoC so it is hardware-based and won’t be limited to the Dock as originally assumed by others. The new SoC is being developed by Nvidia who also worked on the original Nintendo Switch.

As for the release date, he mentions that while Nintendo is aiming for 2021, they could face a delay due to production issues making it slip into 2022.

“I do believe it’ll be announced the coming FY. The plan was to release this year, but I suspect it’ll be delayed into 2022. Delays can, and will, continue to be an every changing variable in figuring out when we’ll hear about it and see it, ” said Nate Drake.

In an earlier rumor, we learned how this new model might feature some exclusive third-party games. This has been the case with the previous Nintendo handhelds as well, where a new iteration of their handheld had some exclusive games that weren’t possible to run on the older models.

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