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Nintendo Switch Pro Will Get Exclusive Games That Won’t Run On Older Switch Models – Rumor

Nintendo Switch is rumored to get a 4K upgrade that will be released later this year. This will also come with some exclusive games according to a new rumor.

There have been quite a lot of rumors about a new hardware model for the Nintendo Switch. The most recent rumor suggests that Samsung is working on producing 7 inch OLED screens with 720p resolution for a new model of the Nintendo Switch that will support 4K output. This is apparently being launched later this year.

On popular gaming forum ResetERA, credible insider NateDrake has commented on this new rumor suggesting that just like Nintendo has done in the past, there will be some exclusive games, particularly from third-party developers, that will be released for the 4K Nintendo Switch.

nintendo switch 4k exclusives

“There will be some select exclusives, especially from third-party partners. May not be a big number of them, but I know of at least one, ” said Nate.

Another source chimed in the thread suggesting that third-party developers already have a dev kit, or at least have been briefed on the specs for the new 4K Nintendo Switch model. NateDrake backed the source suggesting that they have heard the same.

The same source added that they have heard of a well-known studio working on bringing their most recent title to the Switch. They had previously ported their games to Nintendo’s hybrid console but Switch lacked the power to run their most recent game. The source suggested that this developer has brought their biggest games to the Nintendo Switch and they might not be AAA tier, but they can be classified as AA studio.

While Nintendo hasn’t officially announced this new iteration of the Switch, there have been plenty of rumors around it, and even a hint from the source code found in the firmware, that suggests that they are working on one. If they have to make an announcement, that might happen in Summer going by their history of announcing new hardware iterations.

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