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Nintendo Switch Had a Sales Ratio of 50% for Digital vs. Retail

Nintendo has shared details on the sales ratio for the Nintendo Switch confirming that due to COVID-19, there was a sharp increase in digital sales.

As the world went into a lockdown gradually after the COVID-19 pandemic and retail stores were shut down, almost every company faced an increase in digital sales for their games. Nintendo is no exception here and they have no offered an insight on the digital sales ratio for Nintendo Switch during the fiscal year ending June.

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“The effects of stay-at-home requirements during COVID-19 and the popularity of titles suitable for download led to a rapid increase of digital sales in the first quarter of this fiscal year, ” said Nintendo President in their investor’s briefing. “As a result, the percentage of downloadable versions of titles rose to approximately 50% by the end of June.”

nintendo switch download ratio

However, this trend has started to slow down since then and according to Nintendo, it is going back to its normal value again. Nintendo doesn’t expect this digital ratio increase to hold for the rest of the year for Nintendo Switch and considers it a unique situation.

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Nintendo plans to create products like the Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch that are 100% physical as it is the philosophy of their business to offer unique integrated hardware-software that is backed by a centralized Nintendo Account system.

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