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Nintendo Switch Update 12.1.0 Is Out, Here Are The Details

Nintendo has updated the official Switch firmware today. The new Nintendo Switch software update doesn’t add much overall. Here’s what has changed.

The only change that has been listed for this update is regarding the downloading of new update data when there is not enough internal or external storage available. It turns out that Nintendo has added a check to the process letting the users delete their old update data before installing the new one. This is in case they don’t have the required space on their system.

The other change is simply for general stability and improvements which are usually never expanded upon by Nintendo. Get the details below.

nintendo switch update

Nintendo Switch Update 12.1.0 Changelog

  • If there is not enough space remaining on the system memory (internal storage) or microSD card when downloading game software update data, you can now delete old data for that software, enabling you to download the new data.
    • When deleting the old data, you won’t be able to play the game until the new data has finished downloading.
  • General system stability improvements have been made to enhance the user’s experience.

Nintendo Switch continues to get small increment updates and even if the update is a big jump, e.g going from version 11 to 12, they don’t really add any major features, at least not upfront, to justify the update number.

Aside from simple changes to the system software, Nintendo also updates the Switch firmware to stop and curb any attempts at piracy from the hackers.

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