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No Campaign DLC In Active Development For Halo Infinite

343 Industries has no campaign DLC for the latest entry in the Halo franchise, Halo Infinite, in active development, according to the latest information.

According to both Jason Schreier and Jez Corden, prior rumors regarding Halo Infinite campaign DLC getting scrapped are false because such content didn’t exist in the first place. Developer 343 Industries is currently focused on the multiplayer side of things, and no single-player DLC for Halo Infinite is in active development.

Halo infinite campaign dlc

Prior rumors had stated that, before Bonnie Ross had quit, Joseph Staten was preparing to ship multiple contained Campaign DLC with a small team of developers in order to expand Halo Infinite’s narrative over the course of months or even years. According to the false rumor, this plan was halted when Pierre Hintze and the new key roles came in after Ross’ departure.

The rumor further states that they ultimately saw a lot of complexity in developing new content for the campaign and deemed it unworthy of pursuing due to it not being profitable enough for sustainability. According to the false rumor, the development team decided to completely halt campaign DLC and focus on the multiplayer for the time being.

It is now clear thanks to Schreier and Corden that these rumors were, in fact, false, and that 343 Industries never had any campaign DLC in active development to begin with.

Previously, Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries offered an explanation for the cancellation of local co-op despite 80% of it being playable via an exploit. Speaking during an interview, Head of live services Sean Baron admitted that 343 Industries was indeed working on local campaign co-op for many months, even years. However, there were a lot of challenges from a technical perspective, and what the community was able to play via the exploit is probably 80% of the finished feature. The amount of work required for 343 Industries to bring the co-op mode from an 80% quality to a 100% quality was significant, and the studio therefore decided that it is something that it was unable to commit to. The developers also said that they were unsure how long it would have ultimately taken.

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