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Persona 5 Royal Could Be Heading To Xbox One, Rated In Korea

Persona 5 Royal is a PlayStation exclusive developed by Atlus but that could change soon. It passed a rating classification in Korea by Microsoft.

The official Korean Game Rating website has a listing for the Persona 5 Royal DLC that was passed last September. It was passed by Microsoft Singapore and appeared to concern Persona 5 downloadable content. This is usually costumes and other additional skins that are not available in the game.

The passing of this list suggests that Microsoft might have some involvement with the Persona 5 Royal release and while we don’t have a platform listing for this downloadable content listing, it is hard to imagine why Microsoft will be pursuing this product when the game isn’t even on their platforms or at least not yet.

persona 5 royal dlc rated microsoft

There have been quite a lot of rumors including from Jez Corden, Editor at Windows Central, that P5 Royal could be headed to the Xbox One. This listing makes it seem like this will be the case but we still have to wait for an official announcement that will come either from Microsoft or Sega/Atlus. This could happen as soon as the upcoming E3.

Persona 5 was first released for the PS3 and PS4. It was followed by the launch of Persona 5 Royal on the PS4. This version included an extended end game scenario and offered many other improvements that were not present in the original release of the game.

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