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Persona 6 Internally Delayed, No Longer Set For 2023 Release

Sega and Atlus’ Persona 6 has reportedly been delayed internally, and it is, therefore, no longer set for release in the year 2023.

According to Reset Era member Im A Hero Too, who has shared details regarding the development of Persona 6 in the past, the game’s release has been delayed, and it will no longer be able to see the light of day in 2023.

Persona 6 delayed 2023 release

The Reset Era member stated that there is an “absolute zero” chance of Persona 6 releasing this year. He added that the game was delayed internally very recently. While Atlus does have a tentative release window for the game, he was unable to share those details publicly. According to him, Atlus may be planning to release the Persona 3 remake or the other unannounced  game before Persona 6, though he is not privy to this information. He added that if a Persona 6 teaser will be shown at Sony’s next event, he’ll know beforehand and be able to confirm.

He also stated that he is not involved with the development of the Persona 3 remake or the unannounced project in any capacity, and he just sees “stuff here and there”. He believes that Persona 6 will be released after the two aforementioned titles, and, therefore, he thinks that Atlus may still release a game in 2023, though he was unable to say this with confidence.

Previously, the same Reset Era member had stated that both the Persona 3 remake and Persona 6 are quite further along in development. Last he had heard, a reveal was planned for both RPGs sometime this summer. He added that, with three games in development, he was particularly shocked to see that Atlus kept canceling and changing the reveal schedule with planned events and the press.

He further added that the Persona 3 remake was supposed to have already been shown to the press/public. However, the powers that be at Atlus changed their mind, and the reveal didn’t happen according to prior plans. As of now, both the Persona 3 remake and Persona 6 are set for a reveal during the summer period.

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