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PlayStation Will Bring GaaS Titles To PC Day One, Other Exclusives a Year Later

Sony has confirmed that it will bring the PlayStation first-party GaaS titles to PC day one alongside the console release, while other exclusives will come a year later.

Speaking in an interview, head of PlayStation Studios Herman Hulst revealed that, going forward, there will be at least a year long gap between the release of first-party exclusives on PlayStation consoles and the PC platform. However, he added that there is one exception to this rule. The full interview can be seen in the video below.

Hulst said that live service games are likely to launch day and date on both PlayStation consoles as well as PC. He added that live service games are a little bit different in nature, as a healthy and strong community is needed to build engagement right away when such games go live. Therefore, as a result, live service will likely be available day one on the PC platform alongside the PlayStation console release. Furthermore, he said that he is excited to find new audiences on PC and mobile, and the development teams are also happy to see their games on PC and being played by a wider audience.

Other interesting tidbits from the interview include Hulst stating he can’t see a world where Sony stops making single player games. He mentioned that there are around games in development at PlayStation Studios, with almost half of them being new IPs. Regarding the future of cross-gen releases, he said that it will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Regarding future acquisitions, Hulst made it clear that it’s not an arms race, and that the company is making sure that each acquired studio fits PlayStation Studios like a glove. He mentioned that Returnal is his favorite PS5 game so far, though that may change, as he’s really looking forward to the upcoming God of War Ragnarok.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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