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Pokémon Sword and Shield Best Starter and Evolution Guide

Pokémon Sword and Shield bring a new breed of starters with their own final evolutions. Here’s how you can pick one which is the most suitable for the game.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be out on November 15 and people are thinking about which squad they will use in the game to fight the battles. They are determining whether they are going to be part of the Sobble squad, the Grooky gang or the Scrobunny crew. If we take a look at the stats then Scorbunny stands out as the best one. It is better to make your decision after looking at the final evolution of the Pokemon.

There are many good moves and stats in the starters of the 8th Pokemon generation. We will tell you about the stats, abilities and best moves of the final stage evolution for the starters of Pokemon Shield and Sword: Rillaboom, Cinderace, and Inteleon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Starter Grookey Final Evolution – Rillaboom:

Rillaboom is the final evolution of Grookey. Rillaboom has all the important stats that are a must for a good fighter. He has high HP and defense stats which helps him to attack strong while defending and without getting faint. Rillaboom has a good speed stat of 85 and he can easily outspeed many powerful competitor Pokemon. Rillaboom is a pure grass type pokemon so he has some weaknesses like Fire, Flying, Bug, Ice, and Poison which can crack through Rillaboom’s defense. Rillaboom has many advantages if you bring him in front of Electric, Water and Ground-type Pokemon, it will be a safe battle and your opponent will have to face quite a threat.

pokémon sword and shield starter evolution

Rillaboom has a hidden ability which is called Grassy Surge. When Rillaboom enters a battle the Grassy Surge ability allows any Grassy terrain to activate for 5 turns. Grassy terrain heals the Pokemon by 1/16th of its HP and also powers up the Grass-type moves by 50%.

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Drum Beating is the signature move of Rillaboom. Drum Beating is a Grass move With 100 accuracy and 80 power. It helps you to slow down the opponent which is very destructive for many Pokemon. Drumbeating allows the opponent’s speed to slow down which allows Rillaboom to turn the wave of the battle instantly.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Starter Scorbunny Final Evolution – Cinderace:

Cinderace is the fully developed form of Scorbunny. Cinderance is the king of all the starters. He has a boasting and blazing speed stats of 119. This high speed and high attack stats of 116 allows Cinderace to deal damage quickly on any Pokemon. His other stats like health and defense are average which means he can go out quickly. Cinderace is a pure Fire-type pokemon so he can’t easily be hurt, but you will have look after the Ground, Water, and Rock-type attacks in order to save yourself from super damaging hits. The strength for Cinderance is Bug, Grass, Ice and Steel-type Pokemon which can easily be defeated by Cinderace.

Cinderace’s hidden power is called Libero. This acts in the same way as Protean. This ability allows Cinderace to change itself into the type of attack that is picked by the player. It will get you STAB ( Same Type Attack Bonus ) on every move performance by Cinderance.

There are two signature moves of Cinderace. One is the Pyro Ball which is a fire blast that is more physical, stronger, and accurate with a 120 attack and a 90 stat for accuracy. When it hits the opponent then it leaves a burn giving a 1/16th of maximum HP in damage for each turn while also reducing the opponent’s physical stat by 50%.

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Court change is the second signature move of Cinderace. It allows you to swap effects from the opponent’s side. You can capture the Reflect or Light screen of the opponent with this ability. It will give a boost to Cinderace defenses.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Starter Sobble Final Evolution – Inteleon:

Inteleon is a special fast attacker Pokemon with a high special attack stat of 125 and a speed stat of 120. Before settling on Inteleon, you have to know that it has normal defense stats and normal HP which can easily knock it out in battle. Inteleon is a pure Water-type Pokemon so it can be destroyed by Grass and Electric-type Pokemon. On the other hand, it can easily fight against Fire, Ice, and Steel-type Pokemon.

Inteleon’s hidden move is called Sniper. It’s a hidden move that helps you to boost the power of critical hits up by 1.5x damage to 2.25x. This hidden ability is not as enjoyable as compared to the hidden abilities of other starters. It also helps you to trigger and save your self from getting knocked out in battle.

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The signature move of Inteleon is called Snipe Shot. This signature is the most interesting move out of all the three signature moves of the starters. It has 80 power and a 100 stat for accuracy which doesn’t seem special at first the secondary effect that it carries is special. It can bypass draw-in effects.

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