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Pokémon Sword and Shield Master Ball and How To Get It

Master Ball is one of the most important and rare type of Pokeball to get in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Here’s how you can find a Master Ball.

In this guide, we will tell you about the Master Ball. It’s a unique Pokeball that has a 100% chance of catching a Pokemon. Through this guide, you will know how to get a Master Ball, and find out on which Pokemon you can use it to take advantage of the Master Ball.

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Master Ball has a 100% guaranteed result on any Pokemon that can be captured in a battle. It can easily capture the Pokemon without any major issue or risk of failure. It doesn’t matter if the Pokemon has a very high level. You can simply capture any Pokemon through the Master Ball but it is also extremely rare.

Just like the previous version of Pokemon games, we can assume that this version also has only one Master Ball so be careful and think again about which Pokemon you want to capture through Master Ball. If you use Master Ball on an ordinary Pokemon it means that you are wasting the Master Ball.

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It is best to think wisely and use it to catch it the legendary Pokemon of the game because the legendary pokemon is difficult to catch and it usually breaks itself free from other types of Pokeball. It is best to use a Master Ball to capture the legendary Pokemon.

How To Find Pokémon Sword and Shield Master Ball

You will get the Master Ball after defeating Leon in the game. Go back to your home and meet with Professor Magnolia. She will give you the Master Ball as a reward for beating the game.

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