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Pokémon Sword and Shield Max Raid Battles Explained: How To Join and Capture Dynamax

Pokémon Sword and Shield adds a new mechanic with Max Raid battles. Here’s how you can find and join these battles to capture Dynamax Pokémon.

In this guide, we will tell you about how to catch Dynamax and Gigantamax pokemon and what are Max Raid Battles? We will also cover how to find wild Pokemon in Dens.

Max Raid battles are one of the new features that have been added in the Pokemon Sword and Sheild. In Max Raid battles, you can face off with Dyanamax and Gigantamax Pokemon and catch them with the help of a group of other players.

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In Max Raid battles, you can make a team of four people that can be taken in a fight with the Dynamax Pokemon. You can invite another player in your team locally or invite other people online through the Internet.

How To Join Pokémon Sword and Shield Max Raid Battles and Capture Dynamax Pokémon

To capture the Dynamax Pokemon, you have to defeat it. After defeating the Dynamax in a Max Raid battle, you can capture them. Some of the Dynamax Pokemon have Hidden powers and they also can evolve into Gigantamax.

If you want to join a Max Raid battle, you have to find a red beam of light which indicates the location of the Pokemon lair in the wild area. Go to the location and interact with it to start the battle.

pokemon sword and shield max raid battles

If you don’t have any other player locally or online to join your team in a Max Raid battle, three computer trainers will be added automatically in your team to defeat the Dynamax Pokemon.

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Dynamax Pokemon have rare abilities which can be difficult for you. They have hidden powers that can reset their stats or they can disable the powers of your Pokemon. You will have to work in a team with an open mind and each player can only bring one Pokemon in the Max raid battle so choose your Pokemon wisely against the Dynamax pokemon to defeat it in the battle.

After defeating the Dynamax Pokemon each player can try and throw their Pokeballs one by one to catch the Dynamax Pokemon.

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