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Pokémon Sword and Shield: How To Easily Capture a Legendary Pokémon

Pokémon Sword and Shield bring in a whole new generation of Pokémon in addition to various Legendary Pokémon. Here’s how you can capture them easily.

There are various ways using which you can encounter and capture a Pokemon in Sword and Shield. We have covered every method using which it will be easier to capture a Pokemon including the Legendary Pokemon that are exclusive to each version of the game.

How to Easily Catch a Legendary Pokemon In Pokémon Sword and Shield

We will tell you the basic ways of catching Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Through this guide, you will know how to catch the pokemon easily.

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Tips on How to Catch a Pokemon

You can only catch the Pokemon that are in the wild. You cannot catch the other trainer’s Pokemon as it’s impossible to catch other trainer’s Pokemon. You need Pokeballs to catch a Pokemon so before going in the wild you have to stock up from the shops. You can’t catch a pokemon without Pokeballs. There are different types of Pokeballs with different functions.

Avoid High-Level Pokemon

You cannot capture a high-level Pokemon. There is a restriction on catching a high-level Pokemon. You can catch them on a certain level only. If you are on a low level then you won’t be able to even throw a Pokeball at the Pokemon. You can only have six Pokemon with you at a time so if you already have six Pokemon and you catch more Pokemon, the other Pokemon will be sent back to the storage.

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You can change the Pokemon and select any six of them by checking back in the storage. When you will catch a Pokemon for the first time, it will unlock the Pokedex entry. Pokedex will be completed by trading, evolving and catching pokemon.

How to Make Catching Pokemon Easier

You can catch a wild pokemon easily by lowering their health. You have to make their health bar to yellow or red color to capture them easily. You can also effortlessly capture a pokemon when it is paralyzed or sleeping. You can use the moves of your Pokemon team to apply status effects to catch them.

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Different types of Pokemon also help you catch a Pokemon. Quality Pokeballs like the Ultra Ball will be more helpful in catching a Pokemon than a simple Pokeball.

How To Easily Capture a Legendary Pokemon

You can capture a Legendary Pokemon by using a Master Ball. Master Ball is a unique Pokeball through which you can capture the Pokemon with a 100% chance on your first try. So be sure to pick a worthy Pokemon that is incredibly hard to capture by using a Master Ball.

You can get a Pokemon from the wild all around the Galar region by touching them. You will initiate a battle with them and use your own caught Pokemon to defeat or capture them. You can use various moves in the battle in order to lower their health or add status effects, but be careful to not completely lower its health in order to catch them.

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You can choose a Pokeball by pressing X. It will open a menu so then you can choose which Pokeball you want to throw to catch a Pokemon. When you will throw the Pokeball, it will shake thrice and then clicks in place. Some wild Pokemon can also break free through the Pokeballs so you have to be careful in choosing the right Pokeball for the right pokemon in order to catch it.

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